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Jos kaina per pastarąsias 24 valandas yra 4. Waves is an open blockchain platform designed for ease of use and mass adoption.

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Anyone can use Waves to launch, distribute and trade their own crypto token. The platform is fully decentralised, transparent and auditable.

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Its name is inspired by the gravitational waves discovery. It is a cryptocurrency platform that had been coded for scratch and allows for asset issuance, decentralized crowdfunding, community management and encrypted messaging.

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Waves is creating a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that will provide all the necessary features for business adoption, and the platform already has a number of powerful tools and services that make building user applications straightforward. There is a total of million tokens of which 15 million tokens are reserved for bounties and the development team while the remaining 85 million tokens are distributed to ICO participants.

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Fast, low-cost and scalable - One-minute blocks, Low 0. Easy token operations - Launch a new crypto token in under a minute, Tools for mass token distribution, Trade ravencoin for btc for crowdfunding5.

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Decentralised exchange DEX - Peer-to-peer trading from within the client, Trade any pair of Waves tokens, Near-realtime order matching, Blockchain settlement for security6. Smart contracts - Non-Turing complete, Powerful but secure.

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