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Jos kaina per pastarąsias 24 valandas yra DMarket is a decentralized game asset marketplace.

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The marketplace covers a wide variety of games and turns virtual items into real commodities that can be traded on the blockchain. The idea of tokenization is central to the blockchain where any item can be represented as a token on the blockchain.

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This creates an emerging economy around digital assets where they become real items. There are an estimated 2.

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The first type is a virtual Steam item. This Steam item is an in-game asset this is available for a specific game.

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At the moment there is a horde of items available for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There is also a DMarket Blockchain item that is an internal blockchain item that can be traded on the DMarket blockchain.

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DMarket blockchain items can be traded without connecting to Steam. Users have to register on DMarket. The DMarket platform also has its own block explorer. All wallets and transactions are recorded in the public blockchain ravencoin.

How to make a token on the Ravencoin blockchain

DMarket has a future-proof use case as the demand for a universal gaming trading platform is imminent. Strategic partnerships between game title developers, the gaming community and blockchain ravencoin will ensure that DMarket lives well beyond its proprietary blockchain phase.

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